5DayDeal - Complete Photography Bundle VIII 2020


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5DayDeal – Complete Photography Bundle VIII 2020

SmugMug Portfolio Account*
6 Months Membership – *New Customers Only
By SmugMug .com

Scott Kelby’s Complete Bundle
Learn Photoshop in 1 Hour, Just One Flash, Beginners Start Here & Lightroom Preset Pack Vol.1
By Kelby One

Dramatic Single Light Portraiture
By Matt Granger

Plotaverse • Pro Annual
12mth Subscription
By Plotaverse App

Magic With Any Light
By Jerry Ghionis

Time Blending Photoshop Tutorial & Complex Masking Photoshop Tutorial
By Mads Peter Iversen

How To Photograph Landscapes In All Lighting Conditions
By Nigel Danson

One Light Masterclass
By Joel Grimes

PHLEARN Ultimate Preset and LUT Bundle

Lighting 101 | Introduction to Flash Photography
By SLR Lounge

Shooting Digital LIKE FILM
By Sebastian Michaels

Jessica Drossin Beautiful World Foundations
2020 Version
By Jessica Drossin

Creative Control 1 & 2
Lightroom Presets
By Nicole S. Young

Essential Color Photoshop Actions
Set I & Set II
By Lara Jade

Photoshop 2020 Actions and Automation Training Course, plus Video in Photoshop
(A Photographer & Designer’s Guide)
By photoshopCAFE .com

Composition Made Easy – Chapter 1 & 2 Plus, Frozen Waterfall Photography Tutorial
By Gavin Hardcastle

Jimmy’s Big 5 Photos Course
By Jimmy McIntyre

Capture the Night
By Ryan Dyar

Sky Replacement Pro
By Serge Ramelli

Tone and Detail for Lightroom
By Christopher O’Donnell

Essential Photoshop for Landscape Photography
By Nick Page

The Complete Lightroom & ACR Presets Bundle
By contrastly .com

Photoshop Essentials for Photographers
By Dave Cross

The Easy Way to Learn Photoshop
By Chris Orwig

Location Lighting Masterclass
By Piet Van den Eynde

Excire Foto
Manage to find share – simple and fast
By Excire Inc.

Illuminating The Face: Lighting for Headshots and Portraits
By Fstoppers .com

Boho Rattan Complete Marketing Set + Spring Gem Presets | BONUS Matching Mini Session and Social Media Marketing Templates
By Twig & Olive Photography

Lightroom Brush Presets
By Kelvin Pimont

Photoshop Basics for Photographers
By Rikard Rodin

Graphic and Grunge Art Actions for Photoshop
By Dave Seeram

Pricing Your Photography Workshop
By Jessica Whitaker

Office Organization for Photographers
By The LawTog

The Astro Timelapse Guide & The Ultimate Timelapse Guide
(2 eBook included)
By Matthew Vandeputte

Dark Processing for Photoshop
By Christopher O’Donnell

Beginners Guide to Manual Mode Course
Are you ready to take control of your DSLR?
By Courtney Slazinik

Creative Baby Wrapping
By Ana Brandt

Street Photography Masterclass
By Thorsten Overgaard

Miniature Holiday Digital Backgrounds and Photoshop Composite Editing Tutorials
Included: Powdered Angels, Cocoa Splash, & Baker’s Angels Digital Background Collections
By Summerana .com

Photographing People: Anytime, Anyplace
By Bryan Peterson

Composition Secrets
By Tim Shields

Lightroom Rapid Editing for Instagram
Workflow for Instagram Photography
By Viktor Elizarov

Catalog Cleanup for Lightroom
By Christopher O’Donnell

The Modern Approach to Photographic Composition Ebook
By contrastly .com

Lightroom Fix
By Kyle Shultz

Six (6) Editions of Scott Kelby’s Magazine
Three (3) issues of Photoshop User Magazine & Three (3) issues of Lightroom Magazine
By Kelby One

FujiLove Magazine: 12 Editions
By FujiLove Magazine

Beyond Manual Mode
By Spyros Heniadis

Aerial Photography Fly Your Drone Legally
With Luisa Winters
By ThinkTap Learn

The Spellbinding Sparkle Brush Collection and The Silky Make-Up Bag Action Collection
By Tara Lesher

JD Beautiful World Vignettes Action Set
By Jessica Drossin

Total value? More than $5,420+.

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