Complete Guide To Black & White Photography With Peter Coulson


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RGGEDU – The Complete Guide To Black & White Photography With Peter Coulson

This tutorial includes 10 full photoshoots and over 20 post-production retouches designed to give you the most comprehensive understanding in preparing for, shooting, and retouching black & white portraits. Prepare to learn about colour space, advanced camera settings, how to look at the light, how to use 1 light, how to use 2 lights, natural light, and everything involved in post-processing with Peter Coulson.

After this course, you will have complete confidence to go out on your own to create stunning black & white images. Peter uses and explores the Sony A7R full-frame systems, 3 Canon DSLR’s, and medium format to illustrate the photographic process along the way. You do not need high-end gear to create stellar images, just this tutorial and a willingness to learn! –

General Overview

  • 18+ Hours of Digital Video Content That You Can Instantly Download
  • 55+ Videos That Cover 10 Different Photo Shoot Campaigns
  • Introduction To Exposure
  • Introduction To Camera Settings
  • Introduction To Camera Gear
  • Introduction To Lighting Essentials & Modifiers
  • Pro Tips on Talking To and Posing Models
  • Learn The Essentials to Creating Flawless Black & White Images
  • Sony A7R, Canon 5d MK III, Canon 5Ds, Canon 1D MK IV, Hasselblad.
  • $40 Gift Certificate to Resolution Rentals INCLUDED
  • Color Space & Image Preparation Explained
  • Learn The Hidden Secrets Of Amazing Black & White Images
  • Learn The Essentials Of sRGB, Adobe RGB, & ProPhotoRGB Color
  • Learn The Essentials Of Breaking The Model
  • Step-by-Step Process In Photoshop
  • Custom Action Included
  • Learn The Essentials Of Post Production
  • Learn Perfect Dodge & Burning
  • Perfecting Tone & Color To Create A Flawless Image
  • 2 Interviews With Peter Coulson On Getting Started
  • RAW Files Included To Work On
  • You Will Never Shoot The Same Way After Watching This Tutorial

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Last Update: December 5, 2020
Released: December 5, 2020