India Earl Education - Artificial Lighting


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India Earl Education – Artificial Lighting

Artificial Lighting


Does the thought of having to shoot indoors stress you out? Artificial lighting is about to become your ally, not an enemy. There is no better time to dive into all things you need to know about Off Camera Flash — let’s get you ready to take on any lighting situation that is thrown at you in the future.

About This Product
Over an hour+ Video Course series diving into all things Indoor/Artificial Lighting with lifetime access to the videos on Kajabi and a PDF cheat sheet to refer back to after working your way through the content.

The objective of this course is to show you an array of setups that can be tailored to fit any situation you’re thrown into on wedding days, events, or indoor sessions such as Studio Flash Setup, How To Mix Natural & Artificial Light, Aperture & Flash Settings, and so much more.

Whether you shoot with Canon, Nikon or else, these artificial lighting principles & techniques can be applied to any camera or flash brand.

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Last Update: November 30, 2020
Released: November 30, 2020