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You need real-life business skills, not just creativity, to be successful.
Be the captain of your ship, be the BOSS of your life.

Equipping you with the must-have biz knowledge and practical tools, the Business Map will empower you to build a rock-solid business that works for you and your lifestyle.

No more time-and-money-wasting guesswork, no more confusion, no more procrastination!

By the end you’ll be able to:

Level up your business strategy with confidence

No more second-guessing or half-arsing your biz building efforts.

Empowered with a ‘what, why, how’ roadmap what, you’ll have the clarity and confidence to build a business that thrives all year round, no matter how “saturated” the market gets.

Magnetise your dream clients and fill your books

You’ll have a clear understanding of who your dream client is and how to successfully attract them so you can win them over.

Show up unapologetically and make your mark. Combining my content marketing and client experience strategies, you’ll be impossible to ignore!

Enjoy sustainable and scalable income
There’s more to life than just mindless hustling and grinding.

Know your worth, charge your worth and serve those who appreciate your worth – quit surviving and start thriving!

With proven pricing and sales strategies, you’ll be able to hit your personal financial goals and scale your biz to the next level.

Achieve more work-life freedom
Escape creative burnouts by streamlining your workflow and quietening the chaos!

Aligned with your goals, maximise your productivity and impact during “work hours” so you can relax and take time off (without the guilt).

Do more of what you love, with the people you love – life is meant for living!


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Live preview
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Last Update: October 26, 2022
Released: October 26, 2022