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Liquidverve – Compositing For Portraits

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Compositing for Portraits – element additions, background swaps, and more!

Welcome to my in-depth portrait compositing course! In this set of tutorials, we study tools and techniques that can be applied to a vast range of different compositing scenarios. Whether it’s adding flowers, building some fog, placing a model in front of the Eiffel Tower, or creating an entirely new world – this course will provide you with the tools to do it! This is an extremely in-depth course, which can take you all the way from a beginner to a pro-level portrait compositor.

This course is for you if:

  • you are looking to make your work stand out and explore new creative paths with your portraits!
  • you are an editor! You do not need to be a portrait shooter to learn or do any portrait compositing. There are lots of resources available online to access images to work with.
  • you have an understanding of the Photoshop interface and base tools, such as layers, masks, adjustments, etc.

Note: This course is built for Photoshop. I would not recommend downloading this course to apply to another editing program or phone app.

Disclaimer: This course does NOT cover any retouching or colouring/stylization! It focuses solely on the compositing process. If you’d like to learn those other aforementioned workflow elements, I’d recommend taking a look at the Retouching & Stylization Bundle!

We will cover:

  • Foundations – a discussion about masking and matching
  • Walkthrough – a first compositing walkthrough using a simplified element


  • Finding elements – using stock image sites to select composite elements
  • Importing & masking – combining elements and blending edges
  • Matching – calibrating perspective, lighting, focus, and colour
  • Final additions – adding minor elements and finishing touches
  • Cleanup – cleaning up the comp and integrating it into a full portrait workflow


  • Advanced techniques – for masking and matching elements
  • Special scenarios – sky replacements, 2D replacements, overlays and particles, dimensional elements, body part swaps, background replacements and extensions, and paint-outs
  • Better plates – finding and shooting improved composite elements
  • Troubleshooting – “what ifs” and worst-case scenarios
  • Optimization and efficiency – workflow speed and smarter approaches

Included with this download:

– The full video course (digital download) [currently approximately 5-6h of material]
– TIFs/RAWs and stock images for all follow-along walkthroughs
– My LUTs (Photoshop colouring presets)
– My minimalistic Photoshop Toolbar
– Instructions on how to import and use all files

Unfortunately, you may not post the walkthrough image anywhere online or use it for any purpose other than following along with this tutorial.

Models: Caitlin / @caitlinchristinee // Jessie / @jessiepaege

You’ll get 4 ZIP

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