MagnumPhotos - The Art of Street Photography


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MagnumPhotos – The Art of Street Photography

The first online course from the world’s most prestigious photographic agency
The Art of Street Photography brings together seven Magnum photographers plus leading industry experts to share their unique insights, vast knowledge and world-class experience to help you develop your photographic practice in the street and beyond.

What you’ll learn
Find the right mindset
Learn what key mental attributes are required to improve your work as a photographer and gain traction in the industry.

Frame the unexpected
Discover the importance of the frame in street photography. Learn what it takes to get into the right place at the right time to capture the unexpected.

Photographing people
Learn different approaches to photographing people on the street, from candid to street portraiture, and gain confidence in photographing strangers.

Develop your photographic voice
Gain invaluable advice and insight on how to develop your voice as a photographer through the making and editing of your work.

Master the editing process
Delve into the different approaches to editing your work. Create meaning through editing and sequencing.

Discover alternative approaches
Tackle the street in new ways through non-traditional approaches to street photography.

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Last Update: June 28, 2022
Released: February 7, 2021