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Nino Batista Advanced Retouching Tutorial 2023

Nino Batista Advanced Retouching Tutorial Collection 2023:

  • The ideal training collection for intermediate or advanced retouchers looking to really step up their portrait retouching.
  • Over 13 hours of instruction.
  • The technical WHY of what I do, and not just the steps to follow. Technical discussion and training on many processes and methods.
  • Retouching philosophy discussion, get inside my brain a little to understand why I do what I do in terms of vision.
  • Hours and hours of detailed retouching training using Adobe Photoshop and Capture One Pro.
  • Capture One Pro to Adobe Photoshop full workflow, raw to final.
  • Taking an edit to 100% completion using only Capture One Pro (correction, skin work, color work, finalizing, etc).
  • Detailed instruction on different “reconstructions” of portraits (major skin creases, tan lines, etc).
  • Different Photoshop tricks I’ve not really shown too often.
  • New sets of NBP Actions (Workflow Sets 1-3, Actions 10: Harmonize + Tone, Actions 11: Select + Mask + Blend, Actions 12: Chroma + Luma, Actions 13: Randomizers, Actions 14: Skin Depth Pro) all included.
  • A new set of NBP Styles for Capture One Pro, “Styles 5: Advanced Raw”, to take your raw work to new heights, plus a bonus: NBP Style Brushes 1 is also included.

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Last Update: June 19, 2023
Released: June 19, 2023