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Shorten your photography learning by YEARS – Pat Kay

Learn the fundamentals right in just 30 days and set yourself up for photography success.

When it comes to learning any skill, leveraging a mentor is one of the fastest and most effective ways to level up.

Mentors have experience. They have successes and they know what works, they’ve pushed past failures and know what to avoid; they’ve already navigated the road you’re looking at going down yourself and this experience is invaluable.

After almost 2 decades of being creative across many different disciplines, every time I learn a new creative skill set, I always try to look for mentors because I know how effective it can be. However when I first started photography, I didn’t have one, and I wish I did; especially considering just how deep and wide this fantastic visual art can be.

And that’s the perspective from which I built this course. I had the question: “if I had a photography mentor when I was first starting, what would I learn? And how would I learn it?”

This course is the answer to that. It’s me, mentoring you.

It’s me teaching you the skillset that has landed me sponsorships and opportunities with almost every fortune 500 brands I’ve ever wanted to work with. It’s the skillset that is the foundation of how I was able to go pro in photography. But most importantly, it’s the skillset that’s unique to my perspective and my background; one that’s deeply rooted in not just photography, but in many creative disciplines and a comprehensive understanding of visual art and its methods, history, and perspectives, learned over decades.

In this course, you’ll not only be able to learn how to use the camera, but you’ll also learn how to see the world as a photographer; how to gain a creative vision; a unique perspective. You’ll learn a holistic view of photography rather than a singular perspective, and I’ll also set you up for success in many of the auxiliary sub-skills you’ll need to learn along the way too.

This is the most comprehensive toolkit of skills I could ever give a single person, and I can’t wait to teach it to you.

What we’ll learn in our 30 days together

Over the 10 hours of video content, we’ll progressively learn subjects that build upon one another.

To start with, we’ll learn a lot about the technical skills that are required for good photography; what I call the “craft” of photography. We’ll talk about the best way to think about the exposure triangle, we’ll talk about hardware; sensors, and lenses. We’ll talk about focus and all of the physical features of modern cameras that we have available to us in the modern age.

We’ll then go into some conversations about light, with an in-depth light study, in addition to the topic of low light that we’ll cover too.

Armed with significant knowledge about the craft of photography, we’ll then go into what I call the “art” of photography, and we’ll talk about composition, visual language and visual hierarchy, we’ll talk about developing a style and finding purpose in your art and really getting to the internal values of why we do what we do.

From there, with both art and craft in mind, we’ll then deep dive and attack the genres of photography from a holistic perspective so that we can get a broad view of how photography as a whole work, and we’ll be able to plan for which skillsets to then acquire over the coming years.

We’ll talk briefly about editing, and then we’ll end the course with many auxiliary topics to photography that are important to the experience of being a photographer. Things like location scouting and planning, backup and storage, sharing our work, creating business, and so much more.

Course Curriculum

Day 1 — What is photography, anyway?

Day 2 — Sensor sizes and cameras

Day 3 — Lenses

Day 4 — Exposure, Overview

Day 5 — Exposure, Shutter speed

Day 6 — Exposure, Aperture

Day 7 — Exposure, ISO

Day 8 — All about focus

Day 9 — All about focus, part 2

Day 10 — Shooting modes and more

Day 11 — It’s all about light

Day 12 — Low light

Day 13 — What is GOOD photography, anyway?

Day 14 — Foundational Visual Patterns

Day 15 — Subject, subject, subject

Day 16 — Layout basics

Day 17 — Finding your style

Day 18 — Finding a purpose for your art

Day 19 — Genres of photography

Day 20 — Landscape: Genre overview

Day 21 — Street Photography: Genre overview

Day 22 — Portraiture: Genre overview

Day 23 — Editing basics

Day 24 — Adobe Lightroom: Editing Workflow

Day 25 — Auxiliary gear and nice-to-haves

Day 26 — Location scouting and planning

Day 27 — Backup and storage

Day 28 — Sharing your work and Social Media

Day 29 — Making a career out of photography

Day 30 — The next step

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