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From Beginner To Gimbal Pro!

Getting Perfect Gimbal Shots…
In this course, I will pass my knowledge on to you. As your Coach, I will lay out the fundamentals of working with gimbals and lay out my gimbal blueprint to turn your average gimbal work into smooth gimbal shots. Right from the Core Basics To Advanced Gimbal Techniques.

You will learn the proper gimbal techniques and how to set up your gimbal correctly, With easy step-by-step training you will get perfectly smooth footage with any gimbal, and learn how to use the proper techniques and movements to take your gimbal work to new heights!

Learning by doing is an important step. If you apply & practice the basic gimbal techniques and movements that I teach, you will be able to shoot better and more steady gimbal footage before you know it!

Correct & Apply
An important step that is frequently overlooked is adjusting your gimbal settings. With my Custom settings cheat sheet, you will be able to transform your Gimbals performance and adjust them so they will fit your needs. (value $19)

Taught by Peter Makholm
I am not much different from you; just like everyone else, I started from zero with no knowledge and no one to ask. But with learning by doing and my love for shooting video, I worked my way into this business. It’s not been easy, but everything is possible when you put your heart into it.

By attending conferences and workshops & buying online courses, I have formed my own education and put years of hard work into mastering the art of operating gimbals and glide cams.

I see so many beginners make the same mistakes as I did at the start, and this is why I created The Gimbal Academy, learning to operate a gimbal properly will instantly boost your productivity and workflow

By learning and understanding the fundamental techniques of using a gimbal, you will better understand what it means to capture amazing gimbal footage and why it can be such a powerful tool.

In this course, I lay out the blueprint of a professional gimbal operator that will turn your average gimbal work into smooth gimbal shots. But it takes time and practice, and you must be willing to do the necessary work.

Peter Makholm

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Released: September 12, 2023