Photo Serge Complete Pack


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Photo Serge Complete Pack

This package is my FULL curriculum in the suggested order.

It is the best way to learn how I shoot and retouch all of my photos!

You will learn Landscapes, Black & Whites, HDR, Portraits, Time-lapse, Long-Exposure, Photoshop and MUCH more!


Understanding Photography With Simple Words
Art of Black & White: Lightroom
Interior Design Photography
Sky Replacement Workflow
Textures: Skies
Long Exposure Workflow
Gallery B&W Portraits with Lightroom
Lightroom Presets: B&W Depth of Field
Art of Black & White: Yesterday & Today
Portrait Composites Workflow
Photoshop Actions: Black & White
Masking And Extraction Master Class
Photoshop Presets: Black & White Depth of Field
Photoshop Presets: Bonus B&W and Portrait
Interior Design Photography 2
Art of Black & White: With Photoshop
Photography Business Masterclass
Photoshop 101
Landscape Masterclass
Cityscapes Master Class
HDR Master Class 2017
Time-Lapse Master Class
Photoshop Workflow
Photoshop for Photographers 2017
Adobe Lightroom Masterclass
Photography Workflow 2018

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