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Pierre T Lambert – The 30-Day To Great Photos program

Learn step-by-step how to take GREAT photos. Whether out of passion or to make a living from photography, this training will help you progress over 30 days to take photos you are PROUD of.


I believe that only SMART PRACTICE will get you to take GREAT photos.

The 30-Day To Great Photos program is my way to share with you everything I have learned over the years as a photographer travelling around the world for projects. I have deconstructed everything you need to take great photos into easy-to-digest pieces.

The program is built around a step-by-step method that has already worked for hundreds of photographers worldwide some won awards & became PRO. It is unique, unconventional and designed a very specific way.

Whether you have the desire to become a great photographer, start your photography business, ignite your creativity or step up your art to take photos that have an impact, this is the course for you.

What is included in the program?

Video tutorials – over 60 easy-to-follow videos with daily exercises that will teach you my consolidated knowledge to take better photos and learn how to be paid to live from your passion.

Access to the private Facebook community for feedback and mentorship.

♾ Lifelong access to past and new videos published regularly according to my own progress and that of the world of photography.

Full course details below.

What will you learn?

The 30-Day To Great Photos program is built around the three pillars that are “VISUALIZE, SEE & CAPTURE”. You will learn:


  • THE FOUNDATIONS: what makes great photos and how to spot the right conditions no matter the gear.
  • STORYTELLING: how to take photos that mean something and can have an impact for your viewers
  • CREATING VISUAL IMPACT: how to use your environment and the best compositions to have photos pop.
  • BUILDING A STYLE: how to define your own style.
  • UNDERSTANDING LIGHT: how to see and use the light.
  • POSING PEOPLE: how to pose people to take the best photos.
  • USING THE RIGHT SETTINGS: what settings to use for what type of photo or scene. What gear to use.
  • EDITING: how to make your photos POP and finalize your creative vision.
  • BRANDING/MARKETING: how to set yourself apart as a photographer.
  • FINDING CLIENTS: how to make money with your photography, how to find your very first client and build from there.
  • PRICING: how much you should charge and when.


How does it work?
Every day a new section of the training will become available. You can watch the videos and practice at your own pace every day. After 30 days, everything is accessible for life!

✔︎ Week 1: The Big Bang – we will begin with setting the foundation for all great photography. Here you will learn how to visualize and see like a photographer through exercises WITHOUT your camera. (I told you this would be unconventional!)

✔︎ Week 2: The Evolution – we will put into practice the foundation we learned in week one. I’ll be challenging you to capture specific elements in order to train your eye to really see and visualize like a photographer.

✔︎ Week 3: The Dip – this is the hardest week but don’t be scared! We will learn how to use your most important tool. Everything that confused you about your camera will suddenly make sense. Your camera will become your best friend while you learn how to use it in order to make your vision a reality.

✔︎ Week 4: The Rebirth – the ultimate week. We will bring everything you learned into one rebirth as a great photographer. This week is full of creative exercises and will help you put together all the elements you learned in order to take great photos.

Beyond the 30 days:

Behind the scenes videos on the field: You can follow me through videos in the field to see exactly how I approach photoshoots. We will also talk about style, composition and retouching in detail.

BUSINESS: You will learn how to become a professional photographer and transform your photo skills into a profitable activity (find clients, set prices, manage customer relations…)

LIFETIME ACCESS: you will have access for life to this training and all the new videos to allow you to take things at your own pace.


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