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The REFINED Ektar Collection showcases beautiful, fine grain and vivid colors based off of the beloved Kodak Ektar film. Well suited for a variety of genres, these presets will instantly elevate your work with punchy color shifts, striking contrast, and distinctive depth. The Ektar Collection handles full sun, bright light, and color with ease and is ideal for mid-day shooting, beaches, and street photography. Film and digital photographers alike will love how these presets bring their portraits to life.

The Ektar Collection contains Ektar, Ektar+, Ektar Cool, Ektar Cool+, Ektar Warm, and Ektar Warm+. Color shifts are offered in neutral, cool, and warm versions and the “+” versions have higher saturation, contrast, and depth. The collection also includes a pack of tools including film texture, 3-grain options, matte green for reducing overly saturated greens, a smoothing preset to bring down camera noise, a saturation reduction preset, and a tool to help fix chromatic aberration.

** Due to the digital nature of these files refunds are not offered.

When Purchasing for LIGHTROOM Desktop

  • Ektar & Ektar + Presets
  • Ektar Cool & Ektar Cool + Presets
  • Ektar Warm & Ektar Warm + Presets
  • Workflow tools
  • Free upgrades
  • Capture One Styles NOT INCLUDED

When Purchasing for CAPTURE ONE Desktop

  • Ektar & Ektar + Styles
  • Ektar Cool & Ektar Cool + Styles
  • Ektar Warm & Ektar Warm + Styles
  • Workflow tools
  • Free upgrades
  • Lightroom Presets NOT INCLUDED

Desktop Supported Software:
Adobe® Lightroom® 7.5 or later
Adobe® Camera Raw 10.5 or later
Capture One® 20 or later
Mobile Supported Software:
Adobe® Lightroom® App

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Last Update: October 31, 2023
Released: October 31, 2023