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Learning for photographers and retouchers

Video course on Beauty and Hi-end retouching


What this course is about?

This course is devoted to the beauty and Hi-End retouch where we will talk over all the specifics of portrait retouch. We will learn how to keep the texture, how to make lively and advertising colour and many more…


Who is the course for?

This course is designed for those who want to enhance the knowledge of Photoshop, who wants to be a Photoshop expert and not to be afraid of difficulties.

The course is suited for everyone who has basic and advanced knowledge of Photoshop.

What will you learn in this course?


Duration: 8h 18m

Lesson 1

RAW Conversion. Brush settings

The basics of conversion.

Settings for custom brush presets.


Lesson 2

Skin retouch method “Dodge&Burn”

Learning of 5 techniques “Dodge&Burn”.

Light and shadow images of the face.

Working with auxiliary layers.


Lesson 3

Skin retouch method

“Frequency Separation”

Frequency separation into 2 and 3 parts.

Working with auxiliary layers.
The right “Frequency separation” parameters.



Lesson 4

Ways of creating a digital skin

7 ways of skin replacement.


Lesson 5

Retouch: Eyes. Lashes. Eyebrows

Retouching eyebrows. Lashes rendering.

Working with an eye pupil.

Creating of the highlights.


Lesson 6

Retouch: Lips. Teeth

Working with a sharp lip contour.

Working with a soft lip contour.

Teeth retouch.

Creating of the highlights.


Lesson 7

Hair retouch

Work with the hair.

Replacement of texture.

Creating of the highlights.


Lesson 8

Colour. Light-shadow. Сlipping path

Work with colour. That one skin tone.

Light and shadow image drawing.

Сlipping path.

Removing a background.


Lesson 9

Retouch ins and outs

Algorithms of work.



  • 12-month access to all the video tutorials
  • Access to photo base for training
  • Access to PSD files of every lesson
  • Access to actions and brushes of every lesson

* All videos are recorded in Russian and have English, French subtitles.

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