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RGGEDU – Commercial Retouching Workflow with Sef McCullough

High-end commercial retouchers often keep their methods and workflow as a well-guarded secret in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Sef McCullough is on the leading edge of commercial retouching with his mastery of Photoshop. As one of the world’s most sought after digital artists, Sef’s workflow has been taught to only a handful of his peers.

Sef has partnered with us to bring you his workflow and an in-depth look at many of his techniques in this incredible tutorial, “Commercial Retouching Advanced Workflow.”

If you are wanting to learn advanced post-production techniques combined with a bulletproof workflow, this tutorial will be your game changer.

We combine both a product shoot and a lifestyle shoot to prove to you that an advanced commercial workflow can be applied to any image and the subject matter doesn’t actually matter.

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Last Update: April 13, 2021
Released: April 13, 2021