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shopmoment – Photographing Couples with Benj Haisch

Photographing Couples with Benj Haisch

Photographing couples can be one of the most intimidating situations, especially if you’re just starting your photography journey.

Photographing couples

Benj Haisch, fortunately, is one of the most skilled elopement and wedding photographers out there.

You’ll join Benj on two shoots in the PNW where he lays out his entire process of how he works with couples from the initial phone calls, to building rapport, and getting them comfortable and camera ready. He’ll also show you the gear he uses and will walk you through how he creates a timeless look in his edits.

Whether you’re new to photographing couples or looking to push your skills further, or you simply love Benj’s work and are curious about his entire approach, this lesson has you covered. Watch it once or watch it 100 times, you’ll have access forever.

2 hours of learning
+ 8 Segments

    Shoot Timeless Photos of Couples

    • Build rapport with couples so that they’re comfortable on camera.
    • Incorporate landscapes into your portraits to take them to the next level.
    • Best utilize the gear & lenses you have to achieve stunning results.
    • Edit your photographs in a timeless way.


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Last Update: July 6, 2022
Released: July 6, 2022