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The Portrait Masters – Words for Photographers – A Simple Guide to Unlocking Your Sales Potential

Damaly Shepherd’s new marketing course will help you find the words to attract the clients who need and appreciate you most.

Join Damaly as she guides you through the process of understanding how your unique values inform the experience you provide. You’ll learn to speak confidently and authentically so you can attract clients who are excited to give you 5-star reviews!

36 bite-sized lessons, including 8 coaching sessions with professional photographers. Watch them in order or jump to what you need immediate help with. Learn at your own pace on your own time.

In this six-part course, Damaly Shepherd provides the coaching you need to speak up and market your work with confidence. She’ll ask the questions that help you understand the essence of the service you provide, and you’ll receive prompts that guide you in creating marketing that tells your authentic story to the world. This course was designed to help you create and share a post to market your business in less than 15 minutes a day.

Words for Photographers will help you understand why trying to talk to everyone leaves you talking to no one. Instead, you’ll learn how to focus on your ideal, 5-star clients – the ones who resonate with your values and service and who will be at the front of the line eager to work with you. Working along in the comprehensive Words for Photographers Workbook, you’ll come away with the confidence to sell your business at full value in a way that feels true and resonant for you, and you’ll have prompts you can visit again and again to master content generation once and for all.

Overcome your fear of selling your work publicly and create marketing with ease. Understand your unique position in the market and exactly why your clients are excited to pay for your work. Bring your social media to life, forming deeper connections to your clients by creating the kind of content that makes them feel you’re talking directly to them. Build your confidence, create content with ease and flow, and become a competent marketer once and for all.

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Last Update: December 15, 2023
Released: December 15, 2023