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The Ultimate Time-Lapse Photography Masterclass – Michael Shainblum

Prepare Yourself to Capture the Unseen

You’re about to learn a skill that will greatly improve your professional and creative life as a photographer. And you’re going to learn it from the best! The Ultimate Time-Lapse Masterclass is the only online class that offers the most complete type of content! You will learn everything you’ve always wanted to know about the art of Time-Lapses. From “What gear to use?” to “How to have your art sell itself” and everything in between!

You can’t ask for a better instructor than Michael

Michael Shainblum is an American filmmaker/photographer born and raised in California. Michael’s professional career began 11 years ago. But it wasn’t until recently that he finally figured out what it takes to stand out. And today, he wants to share that knowledge with you.

Michael’s dedication to time-lapse photography got brands like Apple and Google to fly him all around the globe. BMW and Jeep had to have Michael’s time-lapse films in their commercials. He is also working with brands like Nike, Facebook, Samsung, LG Electronics, to name a few.

Michael did so much work for Adobe Photoshop that today he is Adobe’s official partner. He has been featured in Wire Magazine and National Geographic, the Weather Channel and Sun Dance festival in Utah.

So when we say you got yourself the best possible instructor, we mean every word!

In his new and improved online class, Michael starts with the ABCs of Time-Lapses, teaching you the fundamental techniques that will help you realize every idea for moving pictures you can have. Get a solid knowledge base first at the start of the Ultimate Time-Lase Photography Tutorial and move to advanced 3 motion axis concepts. Over 12+ hours, you will see your knowledge grow from static time-lapses to 3-axes motion time-lapses

Beautifully Filmed Content
Immersive education

90+ VIDEOS , 12+ HRs
A content-rich and detailed course from capturing to editing awe-inspiring images

Learn at your own pace, stream and download material with lifetime access to this course

Have your questions answered and get feedback from your instructor as well as peers

CC in 6 Languages!
English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Chinese

For All Photography Levels

This course is designed for all levels of photography. But be prepared to dive into the nitty-gritty practical details of the time-lapse process from simple to very complex.

In this course, you’ll discover Michael’s secrets or time-snippets as he calls them. Once you learn his techniques, you will never again be concerned with finding the right audience for your art.

This Time-Lapse tutorial takes you on an extraordinary journey into the hidden patterns of movement.

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Released: November 18, 2020