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SharkPixel – Photoshop Masterclass

Master the Art of Retouching, Manipulation, and Compositing in Photoshop.

The Ultimate Online Photoshop Masterclass by Kristina Sherk
Learn to Master the Art of Retouching, Manipulation, and Compositing in Photoshop
Join Kristina’s Photoshop Masterclass to accelerate your creativity and efficiency in Photoshop and take your images to the next level.

The Photoshop & Design Skills You’ll Learn

  • How to easily put your subject in a different environment
  • How to alter your subject’s hair, features, and complexion
  • Make objects and people float effortlessly in a realistic scene
  • Take your portrait photo and retouch it to Vogue-cover stands, with perfect skin, makeup and even lighting
  • Transport your subject into another dimension using AI functionality
  • Combine your own images to create Hollywood-style movie posters

Who’s This Course For?
Digital Artists
Photoshop Enthusiasts
Creative Freelancers
Book Cover Designers
Photo Editors

Kristina Sherk’s Photoshop Masterclass aims to provide a balanced approach for learners at both the beginner and advanced levels. It does not assume that learners are unintelligent, nor does it present material that is overly challenging at the outset. The goal is to provide a learning experience that is both accessible and engaging for all learners, building toward more and more advanced skills.

If you want to:
1. Manipulate images
2. Create and design graphics
3. Edit and retouch photos
4. Create digital art and designs
5. Increase employability and marketability

Kristina Sherk’s Photoshop Masterclass is for you!

This Masterclass gives you the techniques you need to bring your imagination to life.
Dive in head-first with Kristina’s project-driven training. Through 11 projects, each building on the previous, you will go from novice to master in retouching, compositing, and manipulation.

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Live preview
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Last Update: January 17, 2024
Released: January 17, 2024